How to transfer notebooks from OneNote2016 to Windows10/web versions of OneNote

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I know OneNote 2016 won't be supported for much longer. I currently use it over Windows10 because of how it integrates with my Outlook Task list. However, when I am ready to start using the Windows10 version of OneNote, will I be able to sync it with the desktop version so that I can transfer all my notebooks over to the Window10 version? If so, how do I do that? Thanks!

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@adam deltinger 

Thanks for the quick response Adam. To make sure I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that as long as the Notebook in my OneNote 2016 is backed up to OneDrive, I'll be able to open it in the windows10 version of OneNote (app)? This would be great news!

Any recommendations if it doesn't seem to be syncing and it is saved to OneDrive?


No need to transfer any files. Just open the Windows 10 version and select the notebooks you want just as you would with OneNote 2016. You can have them both installed on your PC (as I do) and you can work in either of them because the changes you make are saved back to OneDrive and then sync across each of your OneNote instances. You can open 2016, make a change, close it then go to W10 and it will catch up with the changes in seconds. I have 2016 & the W10 versions on 3 machines and OneNote Mobile on my phone. They all keep in sync regardless of which one I use to make changes.


If you have Notebooks saved to your PC then use OneNote 2016 to move them to OneDrive and then you can pick them up in the W10 version.

Yeah, as said, you will be able to open your onenotes in both clients as long as you’ve moved your local onenotes to Onedrive!