How to merge cells of table in OneNote

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I have created document in word but for organizing that document section wise and explaining it to my team I have used OneNote and I was looking for the way to have similar kind of table structure in OneNote as I have created in Word.

I want to know how to merge cells of table in OneNote.


Thank you.

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Hello Suparna, there is not a way to do that in native OneNote, sadly

@SUPARNA KANSAKAR I Have the same problem...

I think that the closest you can come is to right-click, convert table into Excel table - and merge there.

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This is appallingly bad programming by Microsoft. 

Did you ever find a way of merging cells of a table in OneNote?



@JohnSmith28 If you download Gem For OneNote, the full table layout options are available.

Free version or $33 for a lifetime subscription. This tool is lifechanging.

Also, check out Onetastic

Before anyone drops hard-earned cash on OneNoteGem, note that it does not have a solution to merge cells. It suggests using the Excel integration feature or to shade adjacent cells with 25% gray to wash out the cell borders. Both are freely available if you have OneNote and optionally Excel. But neither is what the vast majority of users desire.

Isn't it time you implement this simple feature that is available in all other tools MSFT is providing??? 

Please note that OneNote Gem table merge add-in is NOT a normal table and is probably not what you are looking for. It basically creates boxes which can be merged together - did not work for me. I found it difficult to use and work with. 

@Karen Falandays 

Many of us are using work computers and our organizations don't allow us to just download things of this nature. Thanks for the info, but for many of us, this isn't a viable solution.

There is a way to do some kind of merging.

If you take the last collumn ,copy it, then paste it in the upper cell of that section you get a merging like this.

It's not perfect but good enough for my shopping list. :) @SUPARNA KANSAKAR 



@pannndoraThat's not merging, that's nesting. Not the same, but that's awesome you found a solution that works for you.

You are a genius.