How do you Print a single page - and does it depend on the OneNote you have

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OK, my one question turned into 2 questions.


1)  Is there any way to print just a single page of a 5 page OneNote page/entry/note (whatever it is called - Print Preview calls them pages).


2)  In researching this problem/question on the internet, I found a lot of references to the 3-dots in the upper-right corner of OneNote - but my OneNote doesn't have those.  So attempting to find my OneNote version #, I found 2 OneNotes in my Program list (Start menu) - a "OneNote" and a "OneNote for Windows 10".


Now to tell the truth, I don't know which one I am or should be using.


I am a Office 365 subscriber and I think/thought the OneNote that come with that subscription was the one I was using, but not sure which one I am using because it is just a Click on the OneNOte icon in my Task Menu bar at the bottom of the screen.


[OK, HOLD ON - just right-clicked the OneNote icon in the Task bar and it says "OneNote 2016" - so I still don't know which one of the above that one is.]


And more to the point:

- Which OneNote should I be using

- Which is the latest , best, greatest version of OneNote

- Is there a big difference or reason to use one over the other

- Or can I use each interchangeably (i.e. will both access my HUGE OneNote file)

   (I LOVE ONENOTE and feel half my life is tied up in OneNote (used to be Word) and Quicken.


I hope someone can help me out here - because as I mentioned I have a huge investment in OneNote (hundreds, if not thousands of notes) and I don't want to take the chance of experimenting with these different products and lose any of my current files.


ron in shawnee



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