General slowness in Office 365

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Hi Everyone


Our company has just rollled out Office 365 ProPlus (License E3).

We have also upgraded Windows to 10 (depending on he user user, the version may differ)

We make use of Dell laptops and PC's. 

As of late we have users complaining that their office is slow. Loading, functionality and just generally working with office apps has become a drag for many users. We have complaints ranging from Outlook being slow all the way to excel and word documents being difficult to work with.

I'm asking if anyone may have possible solutions that we can look at to test so we can see if there are any loops we may be missing in the installation period 

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Hi Ley,


I've had similar issues upgarding to Win 10 with Dell Laptops, and in my case it ended up being hardware related.

It appears that Win 7 had much better disk optimisation than Win 10 and this lead to the upgraded machines running slow suddenly as they were all using hard drives and Win 10 is optimised for solid state drives.

The few machines that already had SSDs were unaffected while the ones with HDDs were practically unusable.


There's no guarantee that this is the exact same issue but it's worth checking the disk use of the affected machines. If the Disk use is consistently stuck at 100% then this could well be the problem.