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How do I prevent the "default file types" pop-up from stating for my users of office 365 proplus.



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@Omega007 Please find some options below:


Use GPO to enforce default file save formats

  • If the default file save formats are set through GPO the prompt will not be shown.
  • When set through GPO, the user can not change them afterwards.
  • How to
    • Enable the following settings:
      • “Microsoft Excel 2016\Excel Options\Save > Default file format” set to “Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)”
      • “Microsoft PowerPoint 2016\PowerPoint Options\Save > Default file format” set to “PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx)
      • “Microsoft Word 2016\Word Options\Save > Default file format” set to “Word Document (*.docx)”


Mark the file prompt as “already shown”

  • You can also inject a regkey which marks the file format prompt as already shown
  • Injection can be done through e.g. Group Policy Preferences (“apply once”)
  • User can change the file formats on their own
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\General > ShownFileFmtPrompt
    • DWORD
    • Value: 0x1 (1)