Custom Tags for OneNote across all devices

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The custom tags feature in OneNote 2016 is very useful for helping to organize notes. 


The OneNote online app is useful for entering notes from multiple devices, but does not have custom tags, only a few preset tags.


Is there any hope that custom tags will ever be a feature of OneNote online?  Currently, it seems that this is a strong reason to use Evernote instead of OneNote.

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This is my concern too. In fact, I am today deciding between OneNote and Evernote for managing both my note-taking and my task-management. Each app is capable of being used for both of these functions, I already do so. However, while I prefer the layout of OneNote, I will use Evernote instead for sure unless I can find a way to EASILY and SWIFTLY CREATE and APPLY CUSTOM TAGS in OneNote. That is just how very useful and important a good tagging feature is for me! Tagging has become one the most valuable organizational tools for cross-referencing and data management I use. Any guidance for OneNote regarding building and using custom tags will be appreciated. Thanks, Dave
Okay, so I investigated OneNote in more depth. I did find out how to create Custom Tags, and how to assign them and then how to find what notes/tasks they are assigned to. That's the good news.

Still, what I also learned is how cumbersome all of this Tags procedure has been made in OneNote. Tagging and the ability to make good use of this function and its benefits is much easier in Evernote. While I like the general layout of OneNote much more, with the tremendous value that the EASIER and FASTER to USE TAGGING provides as found in Evernote. this app will be where I will focus all of my helpful note-taking and task-management business.

Perhaps I will check in on OneNote again sometime. Yet it is unlikely I'd switch back over as doing so with all of one's notes and task-management work from one digital system to another can be a LOT of EFFORT. Such time and effort are valuable and so, not to be lightly reinvested elsewhere or into another system. Perhaps Microsoft will also include a way to effectively import one's notes, etc. from Evernote to OneNote if ever they build truly useful Tagging functionality into OneNote.

When you say:


@David R. Reed wrote:
Okay, so I investigated OneNote in more depth. I did find out how to create Custom Tags, and how to assign them


Are you referring to ON2016 or did you find a way in ON Win10?  Did you find a way in ON Win10?

I love OneNote for the desktop because of the customizable tags and find tags. Following the Getting Things Done philosophy, you can easily make to-dos and change the tag from regular to-do to next action to help prioritize your actions. Then you also can use tags for to-dos associated with where you are: at the office, at home, on the road, or running errands. You can easily put in goal tags for your notes. The tag features, organization features, and embedding features in the desktop version don't compare to the online or app versions. I just carry my laptop around mostly everywhere at work, the app or online version is my last resort to capture my thoughts.