Copying and Pasting from Word to OneNote

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Hi folks,


I'm trying to copy text and pictures from a Word doc to OneNote (UWP), and only the text comes across. I can't see any suitable options under Paste to change the format of what's pasted to include pictures.


Is this expected behaviour? Is there a way to get pictures to come across as well?



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I discovered that if I copied the text from Word to a new Word document, copied it again, and pasted to OneNote, it worked.


I'm not sure why it wouldn't paste the first time, but a workaround at least.

Hmm! I get this to work without issues! Have you tried other document or several images?
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What if you do another document and just try to copy it once straight into OneNote?

@adam deltinger Just tried that and it works. Odd! Not sure why the original document wasn't passing across the images.

No idea really! Maybe It just gave up life :)


This also happens for me. I have to copy/paste the images separately. They will be super low quality after pasting, which is a known issue.