Collaboration between C2R and MSI

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I hope I post this question the right place..

We are a big organization and we are rolling out Office 365 to all end-users.


But - some users have C2R version of office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) others have 2016 proplus.

In the roll-out we tell them about the new possibilities - like co-authoring, but in praksis we have trouble getting it to work as it should. 

Are there any known issues with getting co-authoring to work if one user has C2R and another has MSI?

Because there are some visible differences when you simply look at two installations - The autosave-function being one, that is only available on the C2R version (at least I do not have it, and I have MSI)


I hope it makes sense, and that someone out there can help me - thank you!

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My experience is that depending on the product (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) co-authoring is not going to properly work...for instance, co-authoring in Excel is not going to work

We have tested co-authoring and you are right, we cannot get it to work in excel.

PowerPoint works fine, and Word is so-so (meaning that it works sometimes, even though this sounds very weird!)

Do you know if there is any way I can find proper documentation on this?