Changing existing OneNote page templates

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Do we have a mechanism to update the page template of an exisitng page? I have created a custom template and would like all of my one note pages to use that... 

All I could find was how to create new pages based on existing templates.

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to create new template : I don't think you would change current page as word for instance, you must change fonts....

@Vincent GEORGES 

Your response is great... IF it was clearly noted as for use only with OneNote 2016 version, BUT it is not and even though the linked page is titled "Apply a OneNote template to a page"

As I look for help only for OneNote (not OneNote 2016) I am surprised to find that Microsoft and its employees are not very consistently clearly marking pages and responses with what specific OneNote product they are discussing, which seems especially odd considering that OneNote 2016 is no longer being updated.