Add email account to Outlook with MFA enabled

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I have a problem with adding my account to new Windows 10 / Office ProPlus Outlook using app password.


My account is an admin account and it has MFA enabled and Intune Conditional Access required.


Sometimes, when I install a new PC and install Office via Intune, I can not add my own account to Outlook. Sometimes, if Office is allready installed to the PC, I have no problem adding my email account to Outlook.


This is very frustrating and now, with a new Win 10 installation, I can't add my account to Outlook.


I have tried to disable the Conditional Access MFA requirement for admins but it didn't help.


How to get my account to Outlook????

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Office Pro Plus has proper support for Modern authentication and thus is perfectly capable of performing an auth request via MFA challenge. There is no need to use app passwords, those are only required for legacy clients.