Access 365 run time deployment best practices

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We have an application that works with Excel and Access files via Access Database Engine (ACE). We need to provide a possibility to install the application at machines having no connection to Web (usual case for Windows Servers). We embedded  into the setup package of our application an ACE Redistributable (2010, 2016). We want to embed now Access 365 redistributable but get folder of size 2.8 GB (our application setup has size of 200 MB). We are a bit shocked with the size. We used Office Deployment Tool and the following configuration for download:

<Configuration ID="ea1d01e6-1db1-4294-a72b-0af4360617e5">
  <Add OfficeClientEdition="64" Channel="SemiAnnual">
    <Product ID="AccessRuntimeRetail">
      <Language ID="en-us" />
  <Updates Enabled="TRUE" />
  <RemoveMSI />

We used OfficeCustomizationTool  in Microsoft 365 Apps admin center to generate the configuration.

Do we make some error? Or Access 365 runtime is really so huge?

We have observed that if we install Access 365 runtime via Online installer available here

then the download takes much less time. So, it probably downloads much less data. But we cannot use Onliner installer as described above. From the other side we don't want to redistribute the 3 GB heavy package. Please, help with your ideas/advices.


Regards, Alexander.

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The answer to both your questions (Do we make some error? Or Access 365 runtime is really so huge?) is 'No'. Your XML is legit, and the Access Runtime should be in the ballpark of less than 200 MB. But, here is the catch: All products M365Apps-related products use a unified installation source. So ODT pulls down this unified installation source which contains all products like M365Apps, Visio, Project and the Access Runtime and is roughly 3GB in size. When running an installation (setup /configure) the setup engine only pulls the data it needs to install the specified product. That's why the Access Runtime Online Install is much faster as, it only pulls down what it needs. But with the /download switch, it always downloads the whole unified installation source. That's why you have the 3GB on disk. I'm not aware of any way to circumvent this behavior other than allowing online installs.

Hello Martin!

Thank you very much for your prompt advice. We will follow the idea to propose online install during setup of our product. Additionally we will provide instructions for offline install that should be performed by hand.

Regards, Alexander.