3 out of 10 notebooks missing

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Hi Guys. I need your help.

I am using OneNote for Win 10 and syncing it using OneDrive.

 I have a Sync Problem according to the MS reps.

I have talked to 6 reps at the Office Team, they could not fix the problem and advise me to contact the OneDrive team, because it was a sync problem. The OnDrive team sent me back to the Office team because they don't deal with OneNote. I have spent a lot of time on the phone and trying to fix it myself without any result.

I have 10 notebooks, but I can only see 7 of them in OneNote for Win 10.

I can see all of them (10 notebooks) in OneNote (Office App) and in my Mobile App OK - No problem.

The 10 Notebooks are also OK in OneDrive (cloud) and in My HD in the "document" folder.

All the URL and setup of the 10 notebooks have the same setup. I have uninstall OneNote for Win10 and install it again 3 times, and it keep accessing OK only 7 notebooks out the 10 I expect.



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I am replying myself to let you know what was going on.

I fixed the problem last night.

I was looking for things in common that the 3 notebooks had and things that differentiate them from the other 7 Notebooks that were working fine.

I found NOTHING, but after a while I saw that the name of each the 3 notebooks consisted of 2 words, while the name of each of the 7 are just 1 word. what a coincidence! And then I remember that the problem started with my renaming of a notebook.

I changed the name of the 3 notebooks and it is working fine. I wasn't aware of that restriction for OneNote for Windows 10 and so were not the 6 MS reps Office team that tried to fix it. One of them spent 2.5 hours in my computer.

I may be wrong, but it is fixed.