IP address changes for Azure Service Bus and IP/DNS Changes for Azure Relay
Published Feb 27 2024 09:00 AM 21.1K Views

What is Changing? 

The infrastructure layer of Azure Relay and Service Bus is being upgraded which will cause the IP addresses used by customer namespaces to change. For Azure Relay the gateway DNS names are also changing.


These changes are being made as part of our continuous improvements to our platform. The IP addresses of our services can change and should not be considered static and unchanging as previously communicated in the communication for Azure Service Bus and Azure Relay.  There is no added charge for this nor are there any service interruptions during the migration.


Call to Action 

If you are using IP addresses in your egress firewalls to your Azure Relay or Azure Service Bus namespaces, you will need to update them to use the namespace DNS names instead. 


Azure Service Bus customers

For Azure Service Bus, configure your firewalls to use the fully qualified domain names for your specific namespaces, or the wildcard “*.servicebus.windows.net” domains. These will automatically resolve to the new IP addresses.


Azure Relay customers

For Azure Relay, configure your firewalls with the DNS names of all the Relay gateways, which can be found by running this script . This script will resolve the fully qualified domain names of all the gateways to which you need to establish a connection.

Change any rules that previously used the IP addresses to use the namespace DNS name for port 80/443 traffic and the gateway DNS names where you previously were using IP addresses.  WCF uses a number of ports beyond 80/443 including 9351, 9350, 5671, 9352, and 9353 so be sure to check, where you have firewall rules for those ports.

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