Announcing Service Bus Explorer for Azure portal public preview
Published May 24 2022 11:30 AM 10.8K Views

Today we are pleased to announce the preview of the completely revamped Service Bus Explorer tool on the Azure portal. Azure Service Bus has two types of operations which can be performed against it:


  • Management operations; Create, update, delete of Service Bus namespace, queues, topics, and subscriptions.
  • Data operations; Send to and receive messages from queues, topics, and subscriptions.


While we have offered a portal-based Service Bus Explorer for data operations for a while now, our customers have provided us with feedback that the experience was still lacking compared to the community managed Service Bus Explorer OSS tool.


To empower our customers even further, we are now releasing a new version of Service Bus Explorer, which brings many new capabilities to the portal for working with their messages, right from the portal. For example, it is now possible to send, receive, and peek messages on queues, topics, and subscriptions, including their dead-letter sub-queues. The tool allows to perform operations such as complete, re-sending, and deferral. Moreover, this can be done on a single message or for multiple messages at once.


To access the tool:

  • Navigate to the namespace.
  • Select the specific queue or topic that you want to perform your data operations on.
  • Open "Service Bus Explorer (preview)" from the left menu navigation pane. When working with a topic, it's also possible to select a specific subscription within.


For all information about the tool, and step-by-step guidance for the different operations, please check our documentation.


Demo steps: 

To use the Service Bus Explorer, navigate to the Service Bus namespace on which you want to do data operations.

  1. If you're looking to run operations against a queue, select Queues from the navigation menu. If you're looking to run operations against a topic (and it's related subscriptions), select Topics.


  1. After selecting Queues or Topics, select the specific queue or topic.
  2. Select the Service Bus Explorer (preview) from the left navigation menu



  1. Now you can use the tool to manage your messages.
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