Announcing Large Message Support for Azure Event Hubs- Public Preview
Published May 21 2024 10:27 AM 1,191 Views

We are pleased to announce the public preview of large message support (up to 20 MB) in Azure Event Hubs. Azure Event Hubs is a cloud native data streaming service that can stream millions of events per second, with low latency, from any source to any destination. Event Hubs is compatible with Apache Kafka, and it enables you to run existing Kafka workloads without any code changes.


The introduction of large message support is a significant enhancement to our service. Typically, data in streaming scenarios is lightweight, often less than 1 MB, and characterized by high throughput. However, there are instances when messages cannot be divided into smaller segments or chunks.


With the new support for large messages, Event Hubs self-serve scalable Dedicated clusters can now accommodate events up to 20 MB in size at no additional cost. This capability allows Azure Event Hubs to handle a wide range of message sizes, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.


How to enable large message support for Event Hubs


Large message streaming is only supported in Event Hubs self-serve scalable dedicated clusters built out of latest infrastructure. For more details, visit


Being able to stream large messages or events requires no client code changes apart from the change in message or event itself. You could continue sending/receiving messages using any existing event hubs SDK / Kafka API to stream large messages to event hub.


We’re all ears for your feedback. To Know more, visit:  

Azure Event Hubs Overview 

Apache Ka fka on Azure Event Hubs


Thank you for your continued support. Happy Streaming!


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