License/Infra Requirements for Mesh Skills building

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Hello, I am a freelance Unity developer working on building my Microsoft Mesh skills so that I may eventually assist my clients with building and deploying Mesh Applications. Since I do not have access to an existing Teams organization, what steps/infra/Licenses do I need to acquire/register/setup in order to work through the entire work flow of building a Mesh application and deploying it on Teams?
I have started reading through - while I have a long history in IT not much of it was spent administering Microsoft environments.

I see there is a Teams Premium trial for 30 days (25 seats) . If I register for that will I require anything else? When that expires is there a minimum number of Teams seats that need to paid for each month to continue?

I already have setup and have been reviewing the Mesh Toolkit.

Anything else required from Azure services?



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A M365 environment with the Teams Premium trial will get you quite far. The only thing that requires Azure Resources is Mesh Cloud Scripting, which gets published into your Azure environment. For that you'll need an Azure Subscription, and be careful since Mesh Cloud Scripting requires premium App Service tiers, so the monthly costs can easily go beyond 100€/$.


But you'll get far even without cloud scripting. Visual Scripting is plenty powerful and doesn't require any resources deployed to Azure.