Important features in sight?

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We are already trying out a lot in Mesh and the integration in Unitity can be described as successful so far.

However, in order to be able to conduct interactive workshops, 3 important functions would be very useful and are practically available in all virtual collaboration solutions.

1. providing sticky notes (post it) during the session.
2. 3D pens for writing on the notes and drawing in the room.
3. it would be great if 3D assets could be saved in the library and thus be made available by default for the design of a session.

Is there any information on this?

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@Holger_Duempelmann , thank you for the feedback. 
You're correct; none of the above are out-of-the-box Mesh features today, and #3 is only possible if the "3D asset library" is included in the Unity scene used for each environment, which has several drawbacks. 

All these are being considered for future Mesh roadmaps.