My Team and My Organization tabs within Viva Insights app in Teams


The My Team tab within the Viva Insights app in Teams lets you view insights about your personal interactions with members of your team. If you’re a manager or leader with nine or more measured employees in your reporting structure, you can use the My Organization tab to see aggregated insights about your team’s working patterns (to learn how we define measured employees and managers, see the bottom of this article). 

However, some users might not see these tabs when they set up the Viva Insights app in Teams in their environment. It's important to understand that these tabs are only available with specific Viva Insights subscriptions and service plans, and that they require additional administrator actions and configuration before they become available in the Viva Insights app in Teams.

Let’s explore these requirements in more detail.

Subscriptions and service plans

While Personal Insights through the Viva Insights app in Teams is included in the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans, Team and Organizational Insights require additional (add-on) subscriptions and/or service plans, as explained below.


Note: To see this list, go to Microsoft Viva Insights pricing.  

For access to the My Team tab, you need:

  • One of the premium Microsoft Viva Insights subscriptions, AND
  • One of the Microsoft 365 SKU that has the Insights by MyAnalytics OR Microsoft MyAnalytics (Full) service plan.

For access to the My Organization tab, you need:

  • One of the premium Microsoft Viva Insights subscriptions.

For more information on the service plans, refer to Microsoft 365 plans.

User Licenses

All members of the teams or organization need to be assigned the appropriate Viva Insights license. For access to the Viva Insights app in Teams and the Outlook add-in, users need a Teams and Exchange Online license, respectively. To access premium features in the Teams app, however, users need additional licenses.

Premium features

  • The My Team tab is only accessible to users who are:
    • Assigned Viva Insights License, AND
    • Assigned the Insights by MyAnalytics OR Microsoft MyAnalytics (Full) licenses.
  • The My Organization tab is only accessible to users who are:
    • Assigned Viva Insights License, AND
    • Have the Insights business leader role assigned. 
  • Group Insights is only accessible to users who:
    • Are assigned Viva Insights License, AND
    • Assigned the Insights by MyAnalytics OR Microsoft MyAnalytics (Full) licenses.
    • Are identified as Manager in WPA Admin Portal, AND
    • Have nine or more employees reporting to them in Azure Active Directory.

License assignment

The Microsoft Viva Insights license can be assigned by following this navigation:

Microsoft 365 admin center (> Users > Active users > Find affected user > License and apps> Apps (under License) > Microsoft Viva Insights > Save changes.

Note: For My Team features, team managers can add any user/employee who exists in Azure Active Directory to their team. For the best experience, we recommend that these users have an Exchange Online license.

Refer to these articles for more information:

Permissions and roles for My Organization

For access to the My Organization tab, in addition to the licenses assigned above, the user also needs to be assigned either the Insights administrator or Insights business leader role. 

These roles can be assigned by following this navigation:

Azure Active Directory admin center (> Users > Find users > Assign role > Add assignments (Insights administrator or Insights business leader) > Add.


Active assignments can be verified using the Manage > Assignments > active assignments tab.


Note: When using Privileged Identity Management in Azure, roles are typically assigned as eligible, and the end user then activates them by going to the Azure Portal. Once activated, Azure Active Directory will start stamping the user token with the roles. In such a case, ensure that the user has activated the roles above.  For more information, refer to Activate privileged access group roles in PIM - Azure AD | Microsoft Docs.

Refer to these articles for more information:

Configure Manager settings

After the licenses and roles discussed earlier have been assigned, you need to configure the manager settings using the guidance in this article: Manager settings.


If you’re unable to access this page, you most likely don’t have the appropriate licenses or roles assigned. Once the licenses and roles are assigned, it may take up to one hour for these settings to become available.

Organizational data

When using Organizational data as a data source for Advanced Insights in Viva Insights—which provides data to the My Team and My Organization tabs, and Group Insights—you might see the following alerts. These alerts indicate you’re missing valid data related to organizational hierarchy.

  • In the Workplace Analytics > Effective Managers tab or in Teams > Effective managers, after uploading the first org data: "The minimum number of employees or managers required for this insight has not been met." (The following image is from Teams.)
  •  In Workplace Analytics > Leader & Manager settings, after uploading the manager.csv file, a message about not meeting minimum team size.

These issues can occur if the manager hierarchy generated from the organizational hierarchy file doesn’t contain enough managers to be used for the behavior cards, especially when the number of reports indicates there aren’t any managers with nine or more reports.

For the behavior cards to work properly, there need to be five or more valid managers, either from the organizational data file or the manager list

To solve these issues, you’ll need to:

  1. Re-upload the organizational hierarchy file in Workplace Analytics with the correct hierarchy. For the behavior to work correctly, the hierarchy file should result in managers having at least nine reports and the organization having more than five valid managers. 
  2. Check the HR file and ensure that:
    - Everything (UPNs, etc.) is in lower case.
    - File name does not contain any special characters.
    - The encoding of the CSV file is UTF-8.
  3. Ensure that there are no loops at the top of the hierarchy.

    Here’s an example:

    Aaron -> Ajay -> Marc -> Omar -> Laura -> Steve -> Evie -> Steve

    In this case, Steve reports to Evie and Evie reports back to Steve. To address this loop, you would need to change Evie’s manager so:
    - It has a domain that matches your primary domain e.g.,
    - It is not null.

Note: When you prepare organizational data for upload to Viva Insights, use the time zone names (the TimeZone attribute) exactly as they appear in Time zones for Viva Insights.

Measured employees and valid managers

As stated in the Workplace Analytics Glossary | Microsoft Docs, measured employees are employees to whom your Viva Insights admin assigned licenses during setup. After license assignment, Viva Insights extracts Microsoft 365 data about meetings, email, unscheduled calls, and instant messages for these people. If you are an analyst or limited analyst, this is the population that you can analyze within Viva Insights. The number of measured employees can help determine whether you have good data coverage for analysis.

A valid manager needs to have nine or more direct or indirect reports in Azure Active Directory or in uploaded organizational data. For more information, refer to Manager settings.

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