Manager settings can't be edited yet. Please try again in a few days.

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Hi Viva Insights Community,

who knows this error message when setting up the manager function and can help?

The message appears since 4 days.


Manager settings can't be edited yet. Please try again in a few days.


Thank you!

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@MNa is this within the Viva Insights advanced analytics portal here? 

Are you trying to edit the setting in this panel:




Hi @MNa,


Typically that error message occurs when Viva Insights hasn't been fully set up yet. Has your organization assigned the Insights Administrator role to you? You need that role in order to set up Manager Settings.


Also has your organization assigned at least 10 licenses to your employees? Viva Insights needs a minimum of 10 people assigned licenses in order to get up and running. After 10 licenses have been assigned it takes 5 days for the system to process. It may be the case that licenses were assigned only 4 days ago, and Viva Insights hasn't fully processed yet, causing your road block in Manager Settings.


I highly recommend reading through the documentation here: Microsoft Viva Insights setup | Microsoft Learn and the subsidiary links such as role assignments and license assignments. These articles will guide you and your organization through the set up process effectively. If those don't help or if your company has already finished set up then there may be an issue on the back-end. Please follow up with me here if that is the case.

P.S. please finish setting up your profile by adding your company information.