Windows Admin Center and Azure VM Deployment: You Got Chocolate in my Peanut Butter!
Published Mar 16 2020 12:01 AM 4,899 Views

Hi folks, Ned Pyle here to detail the ability Windows Admin Center’s new ability to create hybrid workload Azure VMs on the fly, a great time saver option for customers. This is available right now if you download build 1910 or later of WAC.


Previously, creating an Azure VM means going to the Azure Portal, picking your OS, provisioning the VM, then connecting to the machine with RDP to join the domain, configure with various tools, etc. Many steps, much reading. With the new WAC, you can stay in the tool without visiting the portal, generate hybrid Azure VMs with a streamlined process, then connect to the VM with WAC immediately to manage it. If you were deploying this VM as part of a new Storage Replica partnership or a Storage Migration Service relocation to the cloud, even more steps get performed on your behalf, like sizing the VM, formatting drives, and installing services.


Enough yammering let’s see it!



Nice and simple, right? I like to call this a “Ned-proof” feature in my specs ;). WAC is calling actual Azure REST provisioning APIs here, just like the portal itself would. But WAC can also add its own business logic, making these workload-based deployments richer. And of course, you always stay in the consistent WAC experience, which reduces your training and procedure burdens.


The requirements for using WAC and SR to create Azure VMs are straightforward:



Remember, this isn’t a preview – it’s shipped!


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this new feature, it’s going to save some of your organizations someday. If you have questions, hit me up on twitter or DM me on TechCommunity.


- Ned Pyle

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