Video 3 of the Azure VMware Solution Zero to Hero Series!
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Continuing with our Azure VMware Solution (AVS) zero to hero video series, this week the next video releases! In this video, Shabaz Darr (@ShabazDarr) and I cover the pre-requisites and networking requirements for Azure VMware Solution, taking you from zero closer to hero in the third video.


We begin by discussing the Azure resources required to build the environment (subscription, resource group, region, resource name), the size of hosts, and number of clusters. We then move on into the networking requirements, which is where a lot of customers spend a great deal of time. The short story is customers need to plot out their network addressing and IP segments ahead of time to speed up deployment and connectivity for AVS. From there, we moved into the two types of interconnectivity for an AVS private cloud: basic Azure-only interconnectivity and full on-premises to private cloud interconnectivity

Most customers select the full interconnectivity model (as shown in the diagram below), as that configuration allows for VMs from on-premises to be migrated all the way into AVS over an ExpressRoute circuit.



The AVS environment deploys with a minimum of 3 dedicated server nodes and an ExpressRoute circuit. That ExpressRoute circuit is peered into an Azure virtual network. From there, the recommended pattern is customers should also have an ExpressRoute circuit that’s been privately peered to an Azure virtual network. After that’s been configured, the customer would need to enable Global Reach to handle east/west traffic routing between both ExpressRoute circuits (the on-premises ExpressRoute circuit and the AVS ExpressRoute circuit). This configuration introduces BGP into an environment as well.

Make sure to tune in next week when we unveil a brand new video in the series! Feel free to like, share, and subscribe to Shabaz’s I Am IT Geek YouTube channel for more content as time unfolds. Additionally, look for another blog post in a week that sets the stage for our next video.

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