PowerShell 7 – Latest Features, Roadmap and a chat with the PowerShell Product Group
Published Oct 17 2022 12:54 PM 8,285 Views

Many of us use PowerShell every day and we each use various versions in our personal and corporate environments. PowerShell 7 has some awesome features that many of us don’t even know about. Thomas Maurer and I took some time to speak to the PowerShell Team to find out all about PowerShell 7. We were joined by Jason Helmick, Michael Greene, Damian Caro, Danny Maertens, and Stephen Bucher...all of whom taught us so much in this video.


PowerShell 7 is open source, it’s cross platform and it a great tool for every ITPro and developer. In the video watch how you can get started by installing PowerShell 7 (on a Windows, Mac or Linux device – yes, it’s truly cross platform!). Also learn about Secret Management using ‘The Shell’ and how SSH using PowerShell is here to stay. 


Have you ever had to write your own PowerShell module? Well, this is where Crescendo shines! I had not even realized how powerful and easy it is to use.


One of the big things that has made writing PowerShell easier for me is using Visual Studio Code as my preferred IDE and enabling IntelliSense. In the video you can learn how to auto-magically write better code!


There are some amazing new features in PowerShell 7, watch this video and learn all about them and what’s next on the roadmap for PowerShell!




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