OPS119: Databases are cattle too! Running highly available databases consistently with Azure Arc
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Have you heard people say 'containers or Kubernetes is not for databases'?  Let me show you how that is definitely not the case in 2021.  Kubernetes provides an abstraction layer over any infrastructure and an orchestration engine that powers Arc enabled data services so DevOps, DBAs, and developers can provision and manage highly available SQL and PostgreSQL database instances on any infrastructure – on-prem, AWS, or Google.  In this session, I'll dive deep into the technical weeds with nearly 100% demos that show you exactly how it all works and you can manage it all with GUI, CLI, Azure-native tools, or Kubernetes-native tools.



Travis Wright, Principal Group PM Manager 



Run Azure Arc–enabled data services anywhere

Run Azure data services on-premises, at the edge, and in multicloud environments using Kubernetes on the infrastructure of your choice. Get the latest Azure innovations, elastic scale, and unified management for data workloads with or without direct cloud connection.

Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure PostgreSQL Hyperscale enabled by Azure Arc are available in preview, with more Azure data services to come.


What are Azure Arc enabled data services (preview)?

Azure Arc makes it possible to run Azure data services on-premises, at the edge, and in public clouds using Kubernetes and the infrastructure of your choice.

Currently, the following Azure Arc enabled data services are available in preview:

  • SQL Managed Instance
  • PostgreSQL Hyperscale

Always current

Azure Arc enabled data services such as Azure Arc enabled SQL managed instance and Azure Arc enabled PostgreSQL Hyperscale receive updates on a frequent basis including servicing patches and new features similar to the experience in Azure. Updates from the Microsoft Container Registry are provided to you and deployment cadences are set by you in accordance with your policies. This way, on-premises databases can stay up to date while ensuring you maintain control. Because Azure Arc enabled data services are a subscription service, you will no longer face end-of-support situations for your databases.


Elastic scale

Cloud-like elasticity on-premises enables you to scale you databases up or down dynamically in much the same way as they do in Azure, based on the available capacity of your infrastructure. This capability can satisfy burst scenarios that have volatile needs, including scenarios that require ingesting and querying data in real time, at any scale, with sub-second response time. In addition, you can also scale out database instances using the unique hyper scale deployment option of Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale. This capability gives data workloads an additional boost on capacity optimization, using unique scale-out reads and writes.


Self-service provisioning

Azure Arc also provides other cloud benefits such as fast deployment and automation at scale. Thanks to Kubernetes-based orchestration, you can deploy a database in seconds using either GUI or CLI tools.


Unified management

Using familiar tools such as the Azure portal, Azure Data Studio, and the Azure Data CLI (azdata), you can now gain a unified view of all your data assets deployed with Azure Arc. You are able to not only view and manage a variety of relational databases across your environment and Azure, but also get logs and telemetry from Kubernetes APIs to analyze the underlying infrastructure capacity and health. Besides having localized log analytics and performance monitoring, you can now leverage Azure Monitor for comprehensive operational insights across your entire estate.


Disconnected scenario support

Many of the services such as self-service provisioning, automated backups/restore, and monitoring can run locally in your infrastructure with or without a direct connection to Azure. Connecting directly to Azure opens up additional options for integration with other Azure services such as Azure Monitor and the ability to use the Azure portal and Azure Resource Manager APIs from anywhere in the world to manage your Azure Arc enabled data services.


This session includes:

0:00 Introduction
0:45 Databases are cattle
3:36 Are databases cattle or pets?
06:41 Database cow wannabes
07:47 Database cows
11:12 Traditional Always On
11:50 Azure SQL
12:18 Azure Arc enabled data services
17:35 Built-In, Automated High Availability
18:03 Standard HA
19:46 Premium HA
21:38 Demo: Databases are cattle too!
47:48 Wrap Up


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