One Ops Question: What's the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework?
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In this episode of One Ops Question, Sarah answers the question "What's the Microsoft Adoption Framework?"



The Microsoft Adoption Framework is a set of guidelines and advice that has been pulled from multiple sources, such as Microsoft employees, partners and customers to help others with their Cloud Adoption Journey.  It pulls together proven practices and strategies from Microsoft, partners, and customers. It provides a set of tools and guidance to help shape technology, business, and people strategies achieving your desired business outcomes.


This guidance aligns to the following phases of the cloud adoption lifecycle:




To get started with the Cloud Adoption Framework, review these common scenarios:


We need to understand the fundamental concepts around cloud adoption If your journey involves the cloud, there are a few initial concepts to understand and decisions to make.
We want to migrate existing workloads to the cloud This guide is a great starting point if your primary focus is migrating on-premises workloads to the cloud.
We want to build new products and services in the cloud This guide can help you prepare to deploy innovative solutions to the cloud.
We're blocked by environment design and configuration This guide provides a quick approach to designing and configuring your environment.
We need to ensure operational excellence during cloud transformation The steps in this guide help the strategy team lead the organizational change management that's required to consistently ensure operational excellence.
We need to manage enterprise costs Start optimizing enterprise costs and manage costs across the environment.
We need to secure the enterprise cloud environment This getting-started guide can help ensure that the proper security requirements have been applied across the enterprise to minimize the risk of a breach and to accelerate recovery when a breach occurs.
We want to apply the right controls to improve reliability This getting-started guide helps minimize disruptions related to inconsistencies in configuration, resource organization, security baselines, or resource protection policies.
We need to ensure performance across the enterprise This getting-started guide can help you establish processes for maintaining performance across the enterprise.
We want to align our organization This getting-started guide can help you establish an appropriately staffed organizational structure.
We're considering building a cloud strategy team This guide helps you decide if you need a strategy team, and it outlines what that team does.
We're considering building a cloud adoption team This guide outlines steps that help you determine the right type of adoption team for your needs.
We're considering building a cloud governance team This guide can help you build a governance team to evaluate and manage risks and risk tolerance.
We're considering building a cloud operations team This guide helps you establish teams to focus on monitoring, repairing, and remediating issues related to traditional IT operations and assets.


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