One Ops Question: What are the common Azure Stack Hub use cases
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Azure Stack Hub is an extension of Azure that provides a way to run apps in an on-premises environment and deliver Azure services in your datacenter.  In this episode of One Ops Question Thomas Maurer talks about the different use cases is can be applied to.



I often get asked by customers about what are the use cases for Azure Stack Hub. It really comes down to bringing Azure services to your own datacenter or your location.


For example you have compliance reason where you can't use Azure in another country this is where address that Azure Stack Hub can come in and bring those Azure services to you.  This allows you to 

confidently make technology decisions based on your business requirements, rather than business decisions based on technology limitations.


Here are some of the use cases:


  • Edge and disconnected solutions. this will address latency and connectivity requirements by processing data locally in Azure Stack Hub and then aggregating it in Azure for further analytics, with common app logic across both. You can even deploy Azure Stack Hub disconnected from the internet without connectivity to Azure. Think of factory floors, cruise ships, and air-gaped networks as examples.

  • Cloud apps that meet varied regulations. Develop and deploy apps in Azure with full flexibility to deploy on-premises with Azure Stack Hub to meet regulatory or policy requirements. No code changes are needed. App examples include global audit, financial reporting, foreign exchange trading, online gaming, and expense reporting.

  • Cloud app model on-premises. Use Azure services, containers, serverless, and microservice architectures to update and extend existing apps or build new ones. Use consistent DevOps processes across Azure in the cloud and Azure Stack Hub on-premises to speed up app modernization for core mission-critical apps.

There are even Azure Stack Hub datacenter integration walkthrough that describes the end-to-end process for Azure Stack Hub datacenter integration, from purchasing to post-deployment support..


You can always refer to our documentation to learn more about Azure Stack Hub here:  and if you're interested, try Azure for yourself:






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