Oh the depths we will go at the ITOps Talks: All Things Hybrid event
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Targets are locked. We’re flooding the torpedo tubes so we’re ready to dive into battle for this Feb 2nd event. I believe it’s time to share some freshly declassified details about things we have planned, so let’s kick this off with the event flow and info about our Keynote Speaker for the event.


On Feb 2nd 7:30 AM PST and again on Feb 3rd 2:30pm AEDT, ITOps Talks: All Things Hybrid will be LIVE on Microsoft Learn TV to kickstart the festivities. I’ll be there chatting with folks from my team about the logistics of the event, why we’re doing this, how you can get involved in hallway conversations and how to participate throughout the coming days. After we’ve gotten the logistical stuff out of the way – we’ll be introducing our featured keynote speaker.


Who is that you ask? (drum roll please)




It’s none other than Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Azure – Mark Russinovich! After debating with the team about possible candidates – Mark was an obvious choice to ask. As a Technical Fellow and CTO of Azure paired with his deep technical expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem – Mark brings a unique perspective to the table. He’s put together this exclusive session about Microsoft Hybrid Solutions and has agreed to join us for a brief interview and live Q&A following the keynote. I’ve had a quick peek at what he has instore for us and I’m happy to report: it’s really cool.


After the Keynote and Live Q&A on February 2nd, we will be releasing the full breadth of content I introduced to you in my previous blogpost. All sessions will be live for your on-demand viewing at a time and cadence that meets your schedule. You can binge watch them all in a row or pick and choose selective ones to watch when you have time in your busy life / work schedule – It’s YOUR choice. We will be publishing one blog post for each session on the teams ITOpsTalk.com blog with the embedded video so they will be easy to find as well as having all supporting reference documentation, links to additional resources as well as optional Microsoft Learn modules to learn even more about their related technologies.


What about the connectedness you would feel during a real event? Where are the hallway conversations? We’re trying something out using our community Discord server. After the keynote and the release of the session content, you will want to login to Discord (have you agreed to the Code of Conduct / Server Rules?) where you will see a category of channels that looks something like this:



The first channel is just a placeholder with descriptions of each talk and a link to that “chat” channel. It’s really just for logistics and announcements. The second channel “itops-talks-main-channel” is where our broad chat area is with no real topic focus, other than supporting the event and connecting with you. The rest of the channels (this graphic is just a sample) identify the session code and title of each session. THIS is where you can post questions, share your observations, answer other folks questions and otherwise engage with the speakers / local experts at ANY point of the day or night. The responses may not be in real-time if the speaker is asleep or if the team is not available at the time you ask – but don’t worry – we’ll be there to connect once we’re up and functioning.


Oh Yeah! Remember - there is no need for registration to attend this event. You may want to block the time in your calendar though.... just in case. Here’s a quick and handy landing page where you can quickly/conveniently download an iCal reminder for the Europe/Eastern NorthAmerica livestream OR Asia Pacific/Western NorthAmerica livestream.


Anything else you’d like to know? Hit me up here in the comments or can ask us in the Discord server.  Heck - you can even ping us with a tweet using the #AzOps hashtag on Twitter.

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