New Windows Server 2019 and Azure Stack HCI instructor-lead courses
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Search for training on Windows Server and you're likely to find that the top results are about Windows Server virtual machines on Azure. But we also know that many organizations run Windows Server on-premises: in a server room in their own building or in a separate data center.   


Some of our most popular sessions that our team delivered at at Microsoft Ignite the Tour 2019 were about Windows Server 2019:

Migrating to Windows Server 2019 - about upgrading services like Active Directory, DHCP, DNS and files shares to Windows Server 2019. 

Top 5 (or so) Windows Server 2019 features - Windows Admin Center, Storage Migration Services, System Insights and more!  

However, there's only so much information you can fit into a conference session, even at an in-person event.


We are thrilled to tell you about three new instructor-lead courses, developed by Microsoft's Worldwide Learning team in conjunction with our very own Windows Server expert, Orin Thomas.  (He literally wrote a Microsoft Press book on it - Windows Server 2019 Inside Out).


Course WS-0011T00-A: Windows Server 2019 Administration

This 5-day instructor-led course is designed primarily for IT professionals who have some experience with Windows Server. It is designed for professionals who will be responsible for managing identity, networking, storage and compute by using Windows Server 2019, and who need to understand the scenarios, requirements, and options that are available and applicable to Windows Server 2019.

It contains 12 modules, complete with labs:

  1. Windows Server Administration Overview
  2. Identity Services in Windows Server
  3. Network Infrastructure services in Windows Server
  4. File Servers and Storage management in Windows Server
  5. Hyper-V virtualization and containers in Windows Server
  6. High Availability in Windows Server
  7. Disaster recovery in Windows Server
  8. Windows Server security
  9. Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server
  10. Remote access and web services in Windows Server
  11. Monitoring, performance, and troubleshooting
  12. Upgrade and migration in Windows Server


Course WS-012T00-A: Windows Server 2019 Hybrid and Azure IaaS

This 3-day course is intended primarily for IT Professionals who have experience with managing an on-premises Windows Server environment. Its purpose is to prepare professionals for planning, implementing, and managing environments that include Azure IaaS-hosted Windows Server-based workloads. The course covers how to leverage the hybrid capabilities of Azure, how to migrate virtual and physical server workloads to Azure IaaS, and how to manage and secure Azure VMs running Windows Server 2019.

It contains 8 modules, complete with labs:

  1. Introducing Azure Hybrid IaaS with Windows Server 2019
  2. Implementing identity in hybrid scenarios
  3. Facilitating hybrid management and operational monitoring in hybrid scenarios
  4. Implementing security solutions in hybrid scenarios
  5. Implementing file services in hybrid scenarios
  6. Deploying and configuring Azure VMs
  7. Managing and maintaining Azure VMs
  8. Planning and implementing migration and recovery services in hybrid scenarios


Course WS-013T00-A: Azure Stack HCI

This 3-day course is intended primarily for IT Professionals who already have considerable experience with managing an on-premises Windows Server environment. Its purpose is to cover advanced topics related to Windows Server software-defined datacenter, Azure Stack HCI, and other Azure Stack products. The course also describes the use of existing Microsoft System Center products to implement and manage software-defined datacenters with Windows Server 2019. This course is advanced and is designed for people that want to run their virtual workloads on Windows Server 2019 at medium-to-large scale using software-defined datacenter and hyper-converged principles.

It contains 4 modules, complete with labs:

  1. Introducing Azure Stack HCI
  2. Operating and maintaining Azure Stack HCI
  3. Planning for and implementing Azure Stack HCI storage
  4. Planning for and implementing Azure Stack HCI networking


Click on the title of each course to learn more and click the Find a learning partner button on each page, to see course delivery options in your local area.


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