New Microsoft Security Exams
Published Mar 23 2021 01:01 AM 14.9K Views

During Microsoft Ignite March 2021 four new security focussed exams were announced. 


Each of the exams are currently in Beta format, meaning when you sit them you won't get your result straight away, but don't let that put you off sitting them! ;)


The four exams that were released focus across Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, around security, identity and compliance.  Each of the exam is aimed at different roles within the organisation.  From the fundamentals aspect to folks who implement technical solutions.  Let's take a look at each exam and point you in the direction of some study material. 


Exam SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

This is the fundamentals exam aimed at anyone who is familiar with the fundamentals of security, compliance and identity.  Much like the other fundamental exams this isn't aimed at technical roles, it is aimed at anyone that is familiar with the theme. 


There are several learning paths within Microsoft Learn that can help guide you towards sitting this exam. 


Exam SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst

Understanding the risks towards your organisation, reducing them and introducing improvements is a Security Analysts' job and this exam is aimed at people who are performing that role within their organisation.   Anyone working with Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Azure Defender, Microsoft 365 Defender, and third-party security products should be looking at this exam.


There are eight learning paths at Microsoft Learn that can assist you in your preparations for this exam. 


Exam SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator

This exam is aimed at those that take care of their organisation's identity and access management systems, primarily Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).   This involves a full range of tasks, from creating users and group to planning an identity governance strategy. 


To help you prepare for this exam there are several learning paths that can help prepare you for the exam at Microsoft Learn


Exam SC-400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator

This exams is focussed towards those that are responsible for translating requirements and compliance controls within their organisation into the technical implementation.  Specifically those topics around information protection, data loss prevention and information governance within Microsoft 365. 


There are several detailed Learning Paths within Microsoft Learn that can help guide you through the areas that will be tested within this exam. 



Preparing for the exams

I think regardless of the exam you are sitting and the experience you have with the topic you should be looking at doing some study towards it, even if it's just a refresher and looking through notes very quickly.  You never know when you might find something you didn't know that is being asked within the exam. ;)  I covered off more about the exam preparation process and some tips in my 

All you need to know about Microsoft Exams



Good luck with what ever exam is on your radar, and do let us know in the comments which ones you are working towards!

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