Migrate your AWS VMs to Azure with Azure Migrate
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Migrating your on prem server estate to Azure is something that you’ll often hear me talk about at events, or on this blog.  And when I am talking about datacentre migrations, you’ll often hear me mention how Azure Migrate can help you on that journey, with your assessment and migrations needs.   Recently, when I was presenting my “Start your data centre Migration Journey with Azure Migrate” at a recent user group talk I mentioned that Azure Migrate can help you migrate from other locations such as AWS, or GCP, etc, which prompted some discussion on how at the end of my session.  And I wanted to share more about that. :grinning_face:


I’ve dealt with some companies that have already moved some resources into the cloud, but not into Azure and the companies strategy or direction has changed and they are looking to consolidate everything into Azure.  So, their migration path and tooling has to not only support their on prem resources it needs to support the migration from the other cloud provider as well.


Azure Migrate introduced the functionality to assess physical servers in December 2019, which was to serve an ask customers, but it also allowed those that didn’t have access to the hypervisor level of their virtual machines to make use of Azure Migrate.  And ultimately this is the functionality that allows you to use Azure Migrate to assess and migrate your virtual machines from AWS, GCP or another cloud provider into Azure.


In my previous blog post and video, I talked about assessing your AWS environment with Azure Migrate.  


The video below shows you the process of using Azure Migrate to migrate your AWS virtual machines into Azure.  You can watch the full video here or on Microsoft Channel 9.



You can find more information here: 



I hope you enjoyed the video if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.


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