Hybrid from the top down.
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Last week at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando Florida, I witnessed Jeff Woolsey ask a room full of IT / Ops professionals to raise their hands if their cloud strategy was an hybrid cloud strategy (you can see the session here).  I was not surprised to see the large majority of hands went up.  We have had Hybrid in our DNA ever since the cloud became a thing.  As Jeff said,


“Hybrid is build-in,  it’s not bolted on” 


I admit that for a while we had forgotten to include hybrid in our conversations with you.  We assumed you knew and understood where we came from and where we were going.  Well we’re talking about it now and we have the most comprehensive hybrid story in the business.  I asked Jeff during an interview  on Channel 9 to summarize our approach in a way that is clear and concise. Watch the interview below (12 minutes)



In the upcoming weeks we will take a closer look at all the parts that make up our hybrid story.  Microsoft Azure at the top, Windows Server/WSSD/Containers on the bottom left and Azure Stack on the bottom right.  The “golden triangle”** as I like to call it. (no, this is not Official Microsoft branding. This is my own interpretation of the concepts.)

Azure Golden Triangle.png

For today we'll take a high level look at one of the new features of Windows Server 2019.  The Windows Admin Center.  It's a new, locally-deployed, browser-based management tool set that lets you manage your Windows Servers with no Azure or cloud dependency. It provides control over your server infrastructure and it's particularly useful for managing servers on private networks that are not connected to the Internet.


You can use it to remotely manages Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 10, and more through the Windows Admin Center gateway installed on Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10.  In order to secure the way you and your team you can leverage role-based access control to tweak which administrators have access to which management features.


There is more information about it here.  and there is a Windows Admin Center at a glance document you can download and refer to.  I almost forgot that I also attended a great, demo filled, session all about Windows Admin Center.  You can catch it on-demand right here!


One of my favorite features of this tool is the fact the you can see and copy the underlying PowerShell scripts for actions performed in the Windows Admin Center in supported modules, with syntax coloring.  That was one of the most requested features in Uservoice.  Uservoice is the place to add your comments and feedback in regards to the Windows Admin Center.(https://windowsserver.uservoice.com/forums/295071/category/319162)


I hope this was useful.  if there are any scenarios you have questions about please leave a comment and we'll be glad to look into it for you.




Pierre Roman


**Sorry @SimonSinek for having been inspired by your “Golden Circle”

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