Database Assessments within Azure Migrate

Published Aug 25 2020 12:01 AM 4,823 Views

Azure Migrate has come along way since it’s launch in September 2017, it now very much is the hub for datacentre migration projects.   We now see it being able to cover off those key migration scenarios that organisations are attempting, it can take care of the discovery, assessment and migration, as well as integrating third party tools into the platform.


One of the key scenarios that is supports is the ability to assess and migrate your databases from on prem into Azure.  Utilising the Data Migration Assistant (DMA) to discover and assess your on prem SQL databases with a view to migrating them either as a SQL database hosted inside a virtual machine in Azure, Azure SQL Database or Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.


The DMA can be used to discover and assess your SQL database anywhere, it doesn’t care if the SQL database installed on a server on prem or even if it already resides within a virtual machine hosted inside Azure.  It will give you feedback on the best migration path for your SQL database.  You can watch the full video here or on Microsoft Channel 9.



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