Azure Unblogged - Event Hub on Azure Stack Hub
Published Apr 21 2021 03:09 AM 3,033 Views

In this latest episode of Azure Unblogged, I am chatting to Manoj Prasad from the Azure Event Hubs team, to cover how you can leverage Event Hubs on your Azure Stack Hub in your Hybrid Cloud environment.


Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub will allow you to realize cloud and on-premises scenarios that use streaming architectures. You can use the same features of Event Hubs on Azure, such as Kafka protocol support, a rich set of client SDKs, and the same Azure operational model. Whether you are using Event Hubs on a hybrid (connected) scenario or on a disconnected scenario, you will be able to build solutions that support stream processing at a large scale that is only bound by the Event Hubs cluster size that you provision according to your needs.


You can watch the video here or on Channel 9




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