Azure Unblogged - Azure Update Management
Published Apr 13 2021 12:01 AM 5,763 Views

In this latest episode of Azure Unblogged, I am chatting to Vijay Nagarajan from the Azure Update Management team. 


I've long been a fan and user of Azure Update Management both in my own environments and encouraging customers to adopt it, chatting to Vijay I ask about where Azure Update Management fits in on a customer's cloud adoption journey and how it can be leveraged. 


Patching servers and applications is a bit part of an IT department's "business as usual (BAU)" activities and there are well established method's for patching Windows and Linux servers but I raise the question about third party product patching and where Microsoft's WSUS or Azure Update Management solutions can help in this area. 


Vijay and I delve into the cost of implementing Azure Update Management (spoiler alert, Azure Update Management is a free solution) and explain how to look at that in a wider context when pricing up your Azure environment. 


And lastly Vijay shares some information about the roadmap features he and the team are working on and the current private preview


So grab a comfy seat and your favourite drink and join Vijay & I here or on Channel 9




- Azure Update Management Overview

- MS Learn: Manage Azure Updates

- WSUS Package Publisher

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