Azure Lighthouse – A Microsoft Reseller/Service Partner’s perspective
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Hello folks


I partnered with the product group and actual IT professionals outside of Microsoft to create a video series where we look at Azure Lighthouse and its benefits from a variety of different perspectives.


When you’re called upon to help a customer or another division in your organization that has its own tenant, you might have built your own custom solution to achieve your goals.  If that has ever been the case?  Stay tuned because today we’ll discuss that and other scenarios with Patrick O’Leary from Softchoice.



As we discussed, Azure Lighthouse can help you when providing services to your customers.


Two of the points that Patrick brought up resonated with me since they brought me back to real scenarios that used to be difficult to attack:


  • Helping customers manage cloud spend
  • Keeping an audit trail to protect you and the customers


In our last episode, we covered the audit trail using logs.  So, let’s look at the ways you can help your customers (or if you’re the customer, how you can get a Reseller/Service Partner to help you).


Azure Cost Management

I really liked the analogy that the product team used in their documentation so I will use it, instead of trying to come up with one on my own.


“You can think of your Azure workloads like the lights in your home. When you leave to go out for the day, are you leaving the lights on? Could you use different bulbs that are more efficient to help reduce your monthly energy bill? Do you have more lights in one room than are needed? You can use Cost Management + Billing to apply a similar thought process to the workloads used by your organization.”




I really like the fact that you through Azure Lighthouse can Create and manage Azure budgets and monitor them for your customers and alert them when by triggering an action group that can be anything from an email, to an automation runbook to correct the discrepancy.




And based on their actual usage you can also advise them on “Right” sizing.


And yes…  you CAN do all of this yourselves, but if you’re new to the cloud computing arena the level of skill and specialization that a Microsoft Reseller / Service Partner can provide can save you headaches and money.


As we mentioned in previous episodes. There are many other benefits to Azure Lighthouse. 

Please, provide feedback and comments below on whether this type of content is valuable for you and what scenarios you’d like us to explore for you.


Until then!




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