AzUpdate: Deploying HoloLens 2, App Gateway URL rewrite, Ubuntu 16.04 End of Support and more
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The team is excited this week to share what we've been working on based on all your input. News to be covered includes Application Gateway URL Rewrite General Availability, End of Support for Ubuntu 16.04, Using Azure Migrate with Private Endpoints, Overview of HoloLens 2 deployment and security-based Microsoft Learn Module of the week.



Application Gateway URL Rewrite General Availability



Azure Application Gateway can now rewrite the host name, path and query string of the request URL. You can now also rewrite the URL of all or some of the client requests based on matching one or more conditions as required. Administrators can also now choose to route the request based on the original URL or the rewritten URL. This feature enables several important scenarios such as allowing path based routing for query string values and support for hosting friendly URLs.


Learn more here: Rewrite HTTP Headers and URL with Application Gateway


Upgrade your Ubuntu server to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS by 30 April 2021




Ubuntu is ending standard support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on 30 April 2021. Microsoft will replace the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS image with an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS image for new compute instances and clusters to ensure continued security updates and support from the Ubuntu community. If you have long running compute instances, or non-autoscaling clusters (min nodes > 0), please follow the instructions here for manual migration before 30 April 2021. After 30 April 2021, support for Ubuntu 16.04 ends and no security update will be provided. Please migrate to Ubuntu 18.04 immediately or before 30 April 2021, and please note that Microsoft will not be responsible for any kind of security breaches after the deprecation.


Azure Migrate with private endpoints



You can now use Azure Migrate: Discovery and Assessment and Azure Migrate: Server Migration tools to privately and securely connect to the Azure Migrate service over an ExpressRoute private peering or a site-to-site VPN connection via an Azure private link. The private endpoint connectivity method is recommended when there is an organizational requirement to not cross public networks to access the Azure Migrate service and other Azure resources. You can also use the private link support to use an existing ExpressRoute private peering circuits for better bandwidth or latency requirements.
Learn more here: Using Azure Migrate with private endpoints


HoloLens 2 Deployment Overview



Our team recently partnered with the HoloLens team to collaborate on and curate documentation surrounding HoloLens 2 deployment. Just like any device that requires access to an organizations network and data, the HoloLens in most cases requires management via that organization's IT department.


This writeup shares all the necessary services required to get started:  An Overview of How to Deploy HoloLens 2



Community Events


MS Learn Module of the Week



AZ-400: Develop a security and compliance plan

Build strategies around security and compliance that enable you to authenticate and authorize your users, handle sensitive information, and enforce proper governance.

Modules include:


  • Secure your identities by using Azure Active Directory
  • Create Azure users and groups in Azure Active Directory
  • Authenticate apps to Azure services by using service principals and managed identities for Azure resources
  • Configure and manage secrest in Azure Key Vault
  • and more


Learn more here: Develop a security and compliance plan




Let us know in the comments below if there are any news items you would like to see covered in the next show. Be sure to catch the next AzUpdate episode and join us in the live chat.

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