AzUpdate: AzureAD Privileged Identity Management with Azure Lighthouse and more
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It's been a sizzling summer so far in the northern hemisphere and while the AzUpdate team is currently on break, news at Microsoft is still occurring. Here what we're covering this week: Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM) integration with Azure Lighthouse is now in public preview, how Windows Package Manager can help you export and import a collection of software and the migration-based Microsoft Learn module of the week.



Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM) integration with Azure Lighthouse is now in public preview

With organizations constructing hybrid architecture to address current needs of remote workers to run business and mission-critical workloads, it is important that security be considered. Many organizations have been working closely with Azure and Microsoft to keep up to date with the latest guidance and services that Microsoft offers to ensure customer security as well as achieve a zero-trust security strategy, including enforcing least-privileged access for all parties across cloud and hybrid environments. 
Microsoft recently announced the latest iteration of their least privilege access via the preview of Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management (Azure AD PIM) integration with Azure Lighthouse.  This enables organizations to allow partners to have Just-in-Time access to a privileged role before they can work on the organization's infrastructure. This just-in-time (JIT) access only lasts for up to eight hours, after which the partner's access is automatically removed and goes back to having read-only access to the organization's delegated resources. 


Microsoft will be offering a deeper look at Azure Lighthouse at Microsoft Inspire via the following two sessions:

There is also a great video resource available which introduces the Microsoft Identity Platform and can be viewed here:



Exporting and importing a software collection via Windows Package Manager

Looking to rebuild a PC but fear the amount of work it would possibly take to reinstall all the required software that was previously loaded on to it? Fellow Cloud Advocate Sarah Lean has shared her steps on harnessing Windows Package Manager's import and export features to export a list of software installed on your PC and then use that file to install the same software on another machine. 


Windows Package Manager export commandWindows Package Manager export command


Be sure to review the shared steps here: How to export and import a collection of software via Windows Package Manager


MS Learn Module of the Week



Introduction to Azure Migrate for server migration

Discover how Azure Migrate helps you realize the benefits of moving your on-premises VMware or Hyper-V server workloads to Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Learn the process for migrating your workload agent-less, all within the hub.



In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Explain the migration options for migrating to Azure infrastructure as a service.
  • List the steps of the migration process.



Learn more here: Introduction to Azure Migrate for server migration


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