AzUpdate: AD FS sign-in activity in Azure AD reporting, Azure Cost Management updates and more
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News the team is covering this week includes Public preview of AD FS sign-in activity in Azure AD reporting, Networking for Key Vault references on Windows in App Service and Azure Functions now generally available, Azure Cost Management and Billing updates, What’s New in Microsoft Teams and an identity focused Microsoft Learn module of the week.



AD FS sign-in activity in Azure AD reporting now in Public Preview

Alex Simons recently shared the latest Active Azure Directory capabilities to help streamline your hybrid identity, monitoring, and B2B user experiences. These updates help achieve a more unified identity management from a single control plane and enrich experiences to help provide seamless and secure collaboration with guest users. 

Azure Monitor workbook for Azure AD and AD FS sign-in reporting.png

AD FS sign-ins can now be added to Azure AD activity reporting, giving organizations a unified view of their hybrid identity infrastructure and helping them along their identity modernization journey. Also added, activity is now recorded in the Azure AD audit logs of the tenant the user was signed into with the Azure portal, not just the logs of the newly created tenant whenever a user creates a new Azure AD tenant.


Read the following Microsoft Idenitity article to learn more: March identity updates – Public preview of AD FS sign-in activity in Azure AD reporting and more


Networking for Key Vault references on Windows in App Service and Azure Functions now generally available

Apps previously deployed using App Service Environments have been able to access network restricted vaults. Windows apps with virtual network integrations can now also access these vaults enabling teams to further restrict access to secrets with support for Linux apps to follow.


Learn more here: Use Key Vault references for App Service and Azure Functions


Azure Cost Management and Billing updates for March 2021

Cloud cost is always top of mind for most organizations when looking to adopt Azure services. Microsoft recently announced updates to Azure Cost Management and Billing which include forecasted cost alerts, new cost view for subscriptions and other cost saving tools.


These are just a few of the big updates announced. Don’t forget to check out Azure Cost Management and Billing updates to learn more.


What’s New in Microsoft Teams for March 2021

A lot of updates to services to report on this week.  Microsoft Teams is also included in that list as a lot of exciting product updates and offerings announced at Ignite have now become generally available.


meeting recap.png



PowerPoint Live, Live Reactions, Invite-only meeting options now available in meetings. Webinars and larger meetings can now host 20,000-person view-only broadcasts and download attendee reports. Low data calling mode limits the bandwidth used on cellular connections. Also, Android devices can now use remote device provisioning to better manage Teams Rooms.

You can read about all Teams announcements here: What's New in Microsoft Teams | February and March 2021


Community Events

  • Azure Landing Zone Q&A - Join Sarah Lean and Thomas Maurer, as they take your questions regarding Azure Landing Zones and walk through a deployment of a landing zone during this show.
  • Hello World - Special guests, content challenges, upcoming events, and daily updates
  • Patch and Switch - Patch and Switch are back to share thier "from the trenches" stories


MS Learn Module of the Week



Implementing and managing hybrid identity

Creating a hybrid-identity solution to leverage your on-premises active directory can be challenging. Explore how to implement a secure hybrid-identity solution.

Modules include:


  • Plan, design, and implement Azure Active Directory Connect (AADC)
  • Manage Azure Active Directory Connect (AADC)
  • Manage password hash synchronization (PHS)
  • Manage pass-through authentication (PTA)
  • Manage seamless single sign-on (Seamless SSO)
  • Manage federation excluding manual ADFS deployments
  • Troubleshoot synchronization errors
  • Implement and manage Azure Active Directory Connect Health

This module is also part of the SC-300 prep material.


Learn more here: Implement and manage hybrid identity




Let us know in the comments below if there are any news items you would like to see covered in the next show. Be sure to catch the next AzUpdate episode and join us in the live chat.

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