Az Update: Windows Server and Docker Container Enhancements, Microsoft Connector for Oracle and more
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Just because Microsoft Build is over, doesn't mean that new Azure announcements stop being announced! This week's news includes: Windows Server and Docker Container Enhancements, Microsoft Connector for Oracle, Streamlining your image building process with Azure Image Builder, Azure Backup now provides protection against accidental deletion of Azure file shares and more. Be sure to tune in to our live stream today.  Details for all news items can be found below.


The Az Update Show (Livestream)

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Microsoft and Docker collaborate on new ways to deploy containers on Azure

Microsoft announced a new partnership between Microsoft and Docker to integrate Docker Desktop more closely with Microsoft Azure and the Visual Studio line of products. 

Docker Desktop built-in tools, features, and command-line utilities will provide a way to natively set Azure as a context to run containers in the cloud with context and run in Azure containers in a few simple commands. The product integration begins with the ability to create Azure Container Instances (ACI), which is a solution for any scenario that can operate in isolated containers, without orchestration.



Windows Server version 2004 Now Available

In Microsoft most recent Windows Server release, they have improved the fundamentals for the core container platform including performance and reliability. Microsoft has also worked with .NET team and PowerShell team to further optimized image size and performance for Server Core containers. On container networking side, they have implemented several improvements to allow for better scalability, robustness, and reliability. 


General availability of Microsoft Connector for Oracle

Microsoft Connector for Oracle furthers compatibility with Attunity Oracle Connector in performance and functionality. Packages designed with Attunity Oracle Connector can run with Microsoft Connector for Oracle without changes. The following Microsoft SQL Server products are supported by Microsoft Connector for Oracle:

  • Since SQL Server 2019 CU1
  • SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)  15.9.3 or later for Visual Studio 2017
  • SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for Visual Studio 2019


How Azure Image Builder can streamline image building

Customizing virtual machine (VM) images to meet security and compliance requirements and achieve faster deployment is a strong need for many enterprises. Azure Image Builder service offers unification and simplification of the image building process across Azure and Azure Stack with an automated image building pipeline. Azure Image Builder supports images from multiple Linux distributions, Azure Marketplace, and Windows Virtual Desktop environments and can build images for specialized VM sizes, including creating images for GPU VMs.


Azure Backup now provides protection against accidental deletion of Azure file shares

Azure Backup now enables the soft delete feature on a storage account level with a retention period of 14 days. You can also reset the retention period setting as per your requirement. This setting determines the time window you’ll have to recover your file share contents and snapshots after any accidental delete operation. The recovery points are preserved during this duration and once you undelete the file share, backups start running successfully with no additional configuration needed.

Microsoft Learn Module of the Week



Run an IoT Edge device in a restricted network and offline

This module is theoretical and will walk you through how an IoT Edge device can be harnessed as a gateway to child devices and can store captured information if connectivity is unavailable.


Be sure to visit the Azure announcements blog to keep up to date on all new announcements.  

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