AI Camera by eInfochips restarting

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Hi there,


We have had a lot of trouble getting the Cognitive Services demo installed on this device ( and unfortunately it is now restarting over-and-over. It won't stay up for more than about 5 minutes. We have deleted all of the containers off it except for the IoT Edge ones. Any clues as to what the issue may be? Also, anyone had any luck getting the device to successfully call Cognitive Services? Thinking that we might need to factory reset at this stage.







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I was working on the same machine as bernardoleary; we resolved the problem by connecting to a different IoT Hub.
It seems this was an issue where the camera was unable to reconnect to the IoTHub after a factory reset. We managed to connect to the device within the period of one power-cycle and change the iotedge connection string to point to a new IoTHub.


sudo vi /etc/iotedge/config.yaml


Then, using


adb reboot


we were able to reset the device before re-loading a deployment from Visual Studio Code. Once the deployment was loaded the camera pulled down the required images from our azure container registry and successfully ran all modules.

@bernardoleary You can factory reset the device by pressing and holding the power button for 5+ seconds - this will put the device into SoftAP mode where you then connect to the device SSID via Wi-Fi tray. 

Hi@jkubicka thank you for your response. Unfortunately in this case, while the camera was indeed flashing the three red LEDs (as though it were in softAP mode) the SSID was not showing up by any wifi capable devices nearby. We had to use the USB cable and ADB cli to access it. In addition, it was periodically cycling power.