Upcoming UI Change: Updated Android APP Conditional Launch end-user experience
Published Jun 08 2020 08:41 AM 5,211 Views

By: Ileana Wu | PM | Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Intune


Over the past couple of months, we have been rolling out a new user experience for the conditional launch behavior within Intune App Protection Policies (APP), targeting the Android platform first. We are excited to bring this refreshed, guided process to users which streamlines their first-launch experience and improves their experience when their app or device goes out of compliance.

Note: The changes discussed below only apply to Android devices but will be coming to iOS/iPadOS in a future Intune SDK release. 


With the older Android Company Portal, when users first signed into a protected app, they saw this dialog message:



With our June release (Company Portal version 5.0.4805.0), in beta now and expected to slowly roll out starting the week of June 8th, users see this checklist “Get Access” screen:



Each of the four items in the list represents a category of compliance requirements that will be evaluated before the user can gain access to the app. If all compliance requirements per category are met, the corresponding grey number icon for the category will turn to a green checkmark. Each compliance category is sequentially and automatically evaluated.


We have also updated the experience if Conditional Launch is configured such that users should receive a warning, be blocked from accessing the app, have the app’s work or school account data wiped, or if the app does not meet the compliance requirements. With this new release, users may tap “Continue” in the new “Get Access” screen to view the reason they are not in compliance and the recommended remediation steps.


Before, users were shown a dialogue like the one below if one or more requirement categories were not met:



As of Android Company Portal version 5.0.4769.0 (2005 release), we rolled out updated screens for these remediation messages.



For users who are using an app that has previously received policy, they will not be shown the new “Get Access screen”. Each compliance requirement continues to be evaluated silently, which is the same behavior that occurred prior to these changes. However, what has changed is that if the app is evaluated to be non-compliant, the user will be shown the redesigned remediation screen.


Interested in understanding more about the Conditional Launch capabilities within APP? See Conditional Launch settings available in Android and the Data protection framework using app protection policies for recommended data protection settings to deploy in your organization.



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