Support Tip: Update to some manageability settings
Published Oct 30 2018 11:37 AM 761 Views
First published on TechNet on Aug 13, 2018
We're like you - moving forward at lighting speed and making sure we keep pace with (and ahead of!) all the iOS, Android, and Windows new capabilities. As such, we recently updated the Intune UI to show a few settings we're working on, but unfortunately our UI got ahead of our service-side graph so we've pulled these settings out. We anticipate adding them back in when their corresponding service-side infrastructure is ready and has gone through our testing rings.

iOS - settings that were removed temporarily include:

  • Require students to request permission to leave Classroom course (supervised only)

  • Allow over-the-air PKI updates

  • Limit ad tracking

  • Block VPN creation (supervised only)

  • Require iTunes password for all purchases

  • Block removal of system apps from device (supervised only)

  • Block AirPrint (supervised only) – 4 settings

  • Block iCloud Keychain sync

  • Block Enterprise Book Backup

  • Block enterprise book metadata sync (notes and highlights)

macOS - settings that were removed temporarily include:

  • Block AirPrint (supervised only) – 3 settings

  • Block iCloud Keychain sync

If you tried to use these settings; our apologies. We'll keep this post updated as we add the settings back in.
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