Support Tip: Reduce your helpdesk costs for device password reset with Intune Company Portal Website

Published Nov 30 2018 01:17 PM 27.1K Views

Want to reduce support tickets? We recently heard from a couple of customers that they weren’t aware you can have your end users reset their own enrolled device passwords through the Intune Company Portal Website at or through the Company Portal app. In this post, we walk through a few more details.


The Intune Company Portal Website allows an end user, after authenticating, to:

  • Remotely lock their devices
  • Rename their device
  • Remove their device
  • Reset their device password
  • Reset and erase their device


End users can take these actions on personally-owned MDM-enrolled devices. When an end-user logs in with their corporate credentials (if needed) at they will see these options as shown in the screenshot below, including the reset device passcode option.




This is a useful feature if your end user forgets their enrolled device password, or if they lose a device and want to reset it. A few additional notes:

  • You can’t use this approach to reset a password if you use MFA requiring the Microsoft Authenticator app on the device that’s locked.
  • For iOS if you use DEP or have a supervised device, then just an IT Admin or helpdesk with the proper authorization can reset passwords for these specific types of devices that are enrolled.
  • Each platform (iOS, Android, Windows) has different terms of use and legal language that you can customize to a certain extent based on the platform, which is helpful particularly for reset/etc. You can read more about that here:


Be sure to share this with your helpdesk! There’s documentation on this feature here:


12/3/18 - Updated with the right service name for Microsoft Authenticator (we'd called it Azure Authentication app).


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