Support Tip: New Office .MSI removal feature is now available with Intune and C2R
Published Oct 30 2018 11:35 AM 1,068 Views
First published on TechNet on Jul 27, 2018
By Aisha Wang | Intune PM

We received quite a few requests for this feature and we are happy to share it’s now available. As an IT admin, you can now deploy Office 365 apps using Intune, and Intune will take care of removing any other Office .MSI or Intune (C2R) installations. Previously, IT admins would have to manually remove any Office .MSI apps or the installation would fail. Now, using Intune, you can remove Office .MSI apps remotely as part of deploying new Office 365 apps.

One note as you use this updated feature - the remove .MSI feature will remove ALL .MSI Office apps (including Visio, Project, language packs, and proofing tools) not just the new Office 365 apps being deployed through Intune.
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