Support Tip: New Intune Diagnostic Console for Log Submission in the Intune Managed Browser
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First published on TechNet on Nov 10, 2017
By David Meyerson |  Software Engineer

With the latest release of Intune Managed Browser (Version 1.2.8+), diagnosing issues with all Intune App Protection Policy enrolled apps (also known as MAM-enrolled apps) is easier than ever for you - the Intune Admin - and end users on iOS.

The Intune Diagnostic Console streamlines log collection and submission. With a tap of a button, it lets end users send logs for any MAM-enrolled app to you – their Admin - or to Microsoft Support as part of a helpdesk ticket, so you can quickly identify issues and troubleshoot MAM policy enforcement.

To access the Intune Diagnostic Console, open the newest version of Intune Managed Browser and then:

1. Enter "about:intunehelp" in the navigation bar.

2. Tap "View Intune App Status" and then select any of the installed Intune apps in the picker at the top of the screen. For each installed Intune app, the console will show information about app management policies received from the Intune service.

3. If the information from the Intune App Status page isn't enough, go back in the main page of the Console, and under "Collect Intune Diagnostics," tap "Get Started," then "Share Logs" to copy detailed Intune logs to an email in Outlook.

4. If you need to call in help from Microsoft Support, press "Send Logs to Microsoft" and open a ticket with the Microsoft Intune support team using the given reference ID. The logs will be ready for them as soon as they get your reference ID.

With the Intune Diagnostic Console, it’s easier than ever for you to provide in-house support to their end users and efficiently get diagnostic information to the Microsoft Intune support team.

For more information on the using the Managed Browser go to the documentation here: or view the Intune Managed Browser in the App store.

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