Support Tip: Known Issue with the Smart Manager component of newer Samsung devices and Intune MAM

Published Oct 30 2018 11:08 AM 192 Views
First published on TechNet on May 10, 2016
We’ve identified an issue impacting Samsung devices that have a newer version of the Smart Manager maintenance app installed. Recent testing is finding that the app may disable certain portions of the Intune Company Portal, causing interruption of MAM functionality. We had a customer report that one of their end users using MAM without device enrollment was prompted for the Company Portal, despite it already being installed. While we work with Samsung on identifying a fix, there’s a straight forward workaround – ask your end user to remove the Company Portal from the App Power Saving component of Smart Manager:

1.       Open the Smart Manager app on the Samsung phone.

2.       Tap the Battery tile

3.       Under App Power Saving, tap DETAIL

4.       See if Company Portal is in the list. If so, tap it and choose “Turned off”
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