Support Tip: Inconsistencies in reporting of Discovered apps

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Intune provides a host of application management features, such as app availability, App Protection Policies, and app inventory, among others. The Intune discovered apps pane displays a list of detected apps on your Intune managed devices. To learn more about discovered apps in Intune, see Intune discovered apps.


We were recently alerted to an issue whereby not all versions of applications are being reported, inconsistencies of information between Discovered apps report and Discovered apps per devices, and Discovered apps reported under devices blade differs from the actual device. Upon investigation, we discovered an issue with our data aggregation service not collecting all application information. In addition, since the data collection occurs every 7 days, feedback from admins was that they wanted to see applications from newly added devices or updated application versions.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center
  2. Select Apps > Monitor > Discovered apps
  3. View the # of devices with a specific app, then newly add that app to an Intune enrolled device
  4. Confirm that # Devices does not increase after Step 3

Note: The pane will update # Device after 7 days


Another way to verify:

  1. Select Apps > Monitor > Discovered apps report
  2. Compare the information displayed with the Device > iOS > Discovered apps

Please note that Android Enterprise Fully Managed and Dedicated devices do not report discovered apps so unfortunately, Intune cannot discover apps on these device types.


Upcoming improvements

Intune has been working on a solution to improve the accuracy and timeliness of discovered apps. We are currently architecting a new data pipeline that will create a more efficient data flow and expect to complete the work by early next calendar year. This work will directly result in the following:

  • Increased efficiency of the data pipeline which will drive improvements in reporting/data warehouse
  • Improved timeliness of discovered apps by reducing the data collection from every 7 days to every 24 hours
  • Improvements to the aggregation workflow in reporting
  • Addition of discovered apps from Android enterprise devices · Discovered apps data will be added to the Azure Log Analytics (Specialist) pipeline




Let us know if you have any additional questions on this by replying back to this post or tagging @IntuneSuppTeam out on Twitter.

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@Intune Support Team The discovered apps from Windows devices also do not show up under Apps, Monitor, Discovered apps. Will that be changed in the future?

Hi @Peter Klapwijk, thanks for the comment! We're looking into this, and will get back to you on this.

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Hi @Intune Support Team ,

Reading through Microsoft Intune documentation on discovered apps it is noticeable that the functionality is different between iOS and Android
Are there any plans to bring Android Work Profile in line with iOS, where all apps on a users corporate mobile can be viewed? 
You wrote Android Enterprise Fully Managed and Dedicated devices do not report discovered apps, is it corporate-owned platform limitation? Will it be improved in future by you or Google?
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Hi @Intune Support Team ,


We have been struggling with Win32 Discovered Apps feature quite a while now. Patch management and application life cycle management is very important for us and therefore we would like to have an access to relevant Win32 app inventory. The base feature for this seems to be valid but Discovered Apps for Win32 is inaccurate for all the tenants we manage. The biggest problem in my opinion is that the Discovered Apps view multiple version of the same application. It seems that for example Google Chrome will list all the previous versions as well even though it has been updated to the latest one.


Are there any updates on this matter? We have opened multiple support tickets on this topic in the past.

@Peter Klapwijk, the Apps list and "Monitor" reports are separate reports from Discovered Apps. Currently, the Discovered Apps aggregate list and the per-device list are inconsistent due to infra challenges. In the future, we plan to bring consistency to these 2 reports.

Hi @AleksandrBP@Tuukka Tiainen, thank you both for the questions! We're looking into this and will get back to you on this. Thanks for the feedback!

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@Intune Support Team 


  1. Select Apps > Monitor > Discovered apps report <<<< is no longer available


Your message is a bit confusing. You say :

"Please note that Android Enterprise Fully Managed and Dedicated devices do not report discovered apps so unfortunately, Intune cannot discover apps on these device types."


Wheres, this documentation ( clearly states that: 

" On corporate devices, any app whether it is a managed app or not is collected for this report. "  it also states that "Only apps installed in the Android Enterprise fully managed work profile". 


Please clarify which Android Enterprise enrolment method is capable of recording information about personal Discovered apps.




Hi @AleksandrBP@Tuukka Tiainen, the feature team is continuing to work and improve the Discovered Apps report where it should fix a lot of the inconsistent behaviors you are experiencing. Stay tuned to this post for any future updates as well as our In development and What's new docs for new features coming to Intune. Thanks!

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Hi @Intune Support Team  are there any updates on this matter?

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Hi @Intune Support Team is there any update on this? We need to be able to report on what application versions we have out there, so we can track down any vulnerabilities we might have. At current we only have 60 devices showing a reasonable number of discovered apps, even then the app versions don't correspond with what is installed on the device. The other 800 plus devices just show the built in Microsoft apps, as discovered apps and nothing else. It's going to be unlikely we can move to a fully intune managed environment until this is fixed.

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Would Defender for Endpoint work for u? It will list third party apps all right.

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@Tuukka Tiainen thanks for the tip, we intend to move over to Defender for Endpoint shortly so I will look into it that way. 

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