Support Tip: Changes in All devices list and reporting in Intune
Published Mar 11 2020 08:00 AM 8,291 Views


We announced a few months ago that a new reporting framework was coming to Intune and now we’ve revamped the All devices list as part of what we announced. There is now an improved searching, sorting and filtering experience in the All devices list with better performance. 


As part of the work to make this new improved feature possible, there are a few changes we’ve had to make and a few issues we’re working on that we’d like you to be aware of:  

  •  All device list exports will now be delivered in a .zip file format containing a single .csv file. If you have been using automation to export data from the All devices list, you can update those scripts to include extracting data from a .zip file. The Expand-Archive cmdlet can extract files from a specified zipped archive file to a specified destination folder. 


  • Weve received reports of the last check-in datetime not being understandable in Excel.   The .csv export has a space between the date and time instead of a comma and is now shown in UTC format.  The .csv format for the Last Check-in is “YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.sssssss”, for example  "2020-03-08 17:10:10.4438071". In Excel, you can change the column cell format to display Date and time in the format you desire. 


  • There was an issue with all columns being exported regardless of filter selection in the new reports. Now if you select 5 columns of data to be exported, only those 5 columns will show in your report. 


  • Reports from the new All devices list are missing two columns – “Device action” and “AzureAD registered”. We’ll update the post when this issue is fixed. 


  • In the column for OS, Android enterprise is not subcategorized and MacOS is broken down to Mac OS X and OS X only. This issue is now being fixed to add more granularity to categories. 


  • The values for Compliance evaluation are being updated to match in the console and in reporting. The value in reports which shows as “Unknown” will be changed to “Not evaluated” to match the value in the console UI.  


We’ll keep updating this post as some of these bugs are fixed. Let us know if you have any questions!  



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