Resolved - Known Issue: New Trial Customers May Experience Apple DEP Kiosk Workflow Error

Published Mar 12 2019 09:10 AM 1,769 Views

The incident and this is now resolved. We're keeping this article here for historic purposes since we linked to it from the SHD. The fix was in on March 14, but didn't close the loop and mark as resolved until 6/13. 


We recently identified and communicated an advisory “IT175607 -  Unable to Enroll Devices” on the Intune Service Health Dashboard. Our testing found that new trial EMS or Intune accounts attempting to enroll devices using Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) enrollment for kiosk flow were stopped at “Awaiting Configuration” and could not complete enrollment.


The specific scenario where this error message occurs is:

  • The trial is on two of the scale units in North America. NOTE - Intune is globally distributed and there are many more scale units unaffected in North America.
  • You are using Apple DEP.
  • Devices have been put into supervised mode are being enrolled as kiosk (shared) devices.


We are fixing this service-side bug and expect a fix to be released shortly. If you have opened a trial EMS or Intune account and are wanting to use Apple DEP enrollment for kiosks, we have several workarounds you may use if you happen to be on one of the scale units affected by this bug. Options include:

  • If you just want to test this scenario, you can register for a 3-month EMS trial in a region other than the US.
  • You can contact support and we’ll work with you to ensure your new 3-month EMS trial lands on one of the unaffected North America scale units.


You are also welcome to just wait as we’ll be fixing this shortly. Try out all the other enrollment options! We’ll update this post when the service is updated and the fix is in production.

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