New Tenant Status Blade in Intune
Published Jan 10 2019 07:12 PM 17.4K Views

By Matt Shadbolt | Intune Sr. Program Manager with support from Junwon Park | Intune Engineering Intern


In the latest release of Intune, we’ve added in a brand new blade under Help and support at to aid your proactive tenant management. The tab is labelled “Tenant Status” page and it includes:

  • Tenant details – such as your MDM Authority, and what is the current service release;
  • Connector status – such as the last time you updated your APNS or Auto Pilot last sync date;
  • Intune service health (pulling Intune health from;
  • Intune news (just Intune message center posts also coming from


We have been working on this new experience for quite some time and can’t be more excited for you to try it out! Think of it as your one stop landing blade for your tenant. In this post, we’ll share a few things we know you’ll be happy to see.


Tenant details

The first thing you’ll see when you land on this tab is at-a-glance information about your tenant. This will show you where you are located, your MDM authority, and service release among other details.




Connector status

Next you’ll see the health of the major connectors you’re using. If you’re not using them, the status shows as not enabled. Complete with the timestamp, this is a useful summary to help you immediately be made aware of connector errors. One of the top errors our customers report is that they can’t enroll an iOS device; and the top reason why is that the APNs cert has expired. This way you can check that first. In the screen shot shared below, we show you just a glimpse of the connectors checked.


Connector Status.PNG


Intune service health & Intune news

Here we are bringing in recent Intune-specific service health and active message center posts. These service communications are still posted at but this way you can see Intune comms within the Intune context. Only the top 10 active Intune message center posts will be posted; selecting the “see past messages” will bring you right over to Office. Note that you’ll still set all your communication preferences through  - that’s still where you set your weekly digest email address/etc. We’re bringing over just those service health posts with the “IT” ID prefix for Intune service health and Intune in the message center title to display under Intune news.



Finally, in case you’re wondering, we do intend to display this blade in We’ll be working through getting both the blade added to device management and then we do anticipate, longer term, bringing in more of the messages and experience from an all up device management perspective.


Let us know what you think of this new Tenant Status blade! For documentation, see: .





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