New End user content available for Intune!
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First published on TechNet on Mar 23, 2017
Barry Langer | Sr. Content Developer, Microsoft Intune

If you’re an end user, running into a technical problem can seem like the end of the world. Having a helpdesk as a resource is relieving because it can help them get through the hardest parts of solving a problem. This is especially true for problems like “I can’t sign into my account” or “I can’t get this app to open.” Though these problems might seem simple to IT admins, it becomes tiresome when the same kinds of issues plague you and your team.

Using Intune presents a different kind of device usage for your end users. Instead of just using the devices they know for personal reasons, they’re now exposed to more complex tasks. The use of two-factor authentication isn’t something that they need to log into Snapchat, just like 6-character passcodes aren’t required for Facebook. Trying to get them to understand these behaviors can be a struggle on its own, but when technical issues are added to the mix, it means more calls to you to fix them. These calls are why we’ve pivoted on our philosophy to help minimize some of these kinds of calls, so that you can get back to solving new problems rather than the same ones repeatedly.

We’ve always had support content just for end users who have devices enrolled in Intune, but we’ve left this content hidden from search. This was deliberate: we wanted to make sure that users only accessed solutions to problems when those problems happened. We’ve always had docs meant for end users, but after significant research and many customer interviews, we’ve decided to change our strategy. For the first time, our end user docs are now available publicly, and they’re completely separate from the Intune IT Pro documentation.

This content is available at . These docs include explainers for why managed devices are important to getting work done, what information IT can see on their devices, and common tasks and issues that they may need to go through on their own. We’ve scoped our search so that they only find results within the end user pages, and break down all the content on a per-platform basis. Making this information accessible for end users means that you get more of your time back from those common questions by making your users more self-reliant.

We built this end user experience based on feedback from IT Pros from a variety of industries, and we’re always interested in getting more on these docs and every other doc we publish. We need your feedback to make sure that the docs we’re writing are the docs you want to use. You can leave comments on every article, or you can become a docs contributor by simply clicking the “Edit” button on the right side and submitting a pull request through our Github backend.

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